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What the fuck...

So hey all it's been a really long time. Guess I just needed a place to come vent away from the eyes of Facebook/Instagram.

I've done some stupid shit in my day...



The Hallows Eve Mischief.

So yea back to what I was saying, last night was pretty interesting...Pretty much worked a full day at work and then decided you know what I am bored out of my mind, I need to go out and do something...So I decided fuck it I dont work 2marrow why not. I called up a friend of mine to see what she was doing, turns out her and a few friends are up to some hallows eve mischief...innocent stuff no smashing pumpkins, toilet paper...but we did decide to switch up peoples decorations so when they came out they would be extremely confused. Well that worked out well, lol. After all the shenanigans we decided to go graveyard ghost hunting...lol! Well needless to say sitting in a pitch black cemetary at 4am will scare anyone shitless, but it was all good. I mean sitting in pitch black darkness with hundreds of potential zombies laying around (aka deceased individuals) just staring at emptiness hoping to see something that resembles a ghost...is not for the faint of heart, but we did it and survived :D . Hmmm ok...Basically at this time I am working up an appetite, head over to the local marriott and grab some grub (courtesy of a coworker of mine, yea she worked there too), after the rub a dub grub I go home and take my ass to sleep...The adventure is a little better to explain in person but I guess once I get a webcam I can do videos...then all you fun people will see how puerto ricans talk XD

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So after a long boring day at work I decided I needed some relief and went out. I called a friend of mine to see what she was up too...mischief and mayhem was her response. I immediately knew it was something I had to get in on. So I drove over to hang out and the trouble was soon to ensue...

(part 1.. I'll finish when I wake back up been awake for 22 hours, need my rest)

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What's going on people????

So it's been a really along time since I posted anything up. Life is ok...I'm out of my parents house got an apt out in new britain. Still got my little blue scion but sold the nissan. I decided that it would be for the best, also shut down my drifting site (for now). I pretty much just work...go out every now and then to new haven to hang out with a buddy of mine down there, but it's usually just work. Been single since Feb ((that's a story in itself) but we are pretty much friends (and she lives with me). It's a pain sometimes but war can I say. Oh yea' I'm working for a good company, pays well and has awesome benefits. Do I like doing what I'm doing: no, do I deal with it: yes. Well that's just a small summary of what my life is like now. See you guys...

...oh and I will try to post more, especially since I have livejournal now on my phone (woot go iPhone)

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i hate this shit!

congratulations to me i lost my job today! err well yesterday. so now i have to look for a new one and it just made my trip back to fl take that much longer. oh well.

sup gangstas...im ballin!!!!

hmm so yea ultra was the shit as usual!!! even though it rained most of the day...

and like my homeboy guille says who the fuck cuts andy c.

oh yea here is a tidbit ladies and gentlemen i might be relocating back to sfl. hmm but thats a secret so shh shh...

random image i felt like putting up...hehe

Guess whose back...pt 1.

Well guys and girls it seems to me that I have been slacking in my LJ duties for a very long time. Well ill just give you the spark notes version then. Life here in connecticut is a whole lot different that it was back in FL. Im still working weekends, so that limits my abilities to go out and meet people alot, my days off roll in the middle of the week to the time everyone works and of course nobody goes out at night. The night life is weird, there are a couple of clubs but I havent been to any yet and they close early for my taste, im used to arriving at midnight to one am but here everything closes at 2am...whats up with that? Im not really a bar person and thats what seems to be in mass out here, eh. oh well! Havent met anyone out here yet that I would like to date, a majority of the ones I have talked to are too immature for me and its just annoying. I never seem to attract a nice girl but some young "ghetto" immature girl. So all thats still up there for review if you would like to say...I just want a nice girl for once...why is that so hard? Well the drifting thing you ask? its temporarily out of commission. The nissan is parked outside covered in snow with what im hoping is a screwed up fuel pump (Luckily I have a walbro in the garage to throw in...), the scion is doing good and its getting me where I need to go...Eh! well im off to work, today would have been my day off but I was sick for the past couple of days so I need to go in and make up some time...now that sucks!

WoW players???

Oh does anyone play WoW (world of warcraft) on here? if so let me know. My cousin got me addicted to the game. Im usually on the Venture Co. server under either the names Hokusai or Nirvash. I have a couple more characters but those are the ones im frequently one.

hmmm just one sentence.

so bleach started on CN what does everyone think of it so far? at least they didnt butcher it up that bad as they did with naruto!!!

A day in the life of mr. j0nes

I dunno lately I have not been in the mood to write anything at all, I come on every now and then but thats about it. Can you believe its been a year since I left FL. man is it depressing. A whole year and my life still sucks, probably more than it ever did. I am working a good job and I have a brand new car but thats about it. No going out for me, no drinking, no hanging out with friends. Yea it sucks, but w.e. nothing I can really do about it now. Still single but thats my own choice, Im not ready to jump into a relationship that has kids involved and all the girls I seem to find or attract already have kids and well nothing against kids I like them but no thanks. I want to be able to go out anytime and do anything without having to worry about if the girl has a babysitter and then we have to be home before 9 and all that crap. That can wait for when I am in my 30s. So yea like I mentioned before I got a new car, picked up a 06 Scion TC RS2.0 lol sounds like alot but its the special edition I will throw up some good pictures when I get them. Oh well time for me to finish getting ready for work.